Confidential Contact Persons

Luuk Albers

Hello my name is Luuk and I’ll be a confidential contact person this year for Amino. That means you can come to me with any stuff you are dealing with, without me sharing it with anyone! How small it may be, the confidential contact person will help you with study-related and/or personal problems or anything else that is troubling you. I will help you with finding a solution and can get you in contact with someone who will help you further. I hope I can do something when necessary!

Mette van den Brink

Hi! I am Mette and I am a confidential contact person at Amino for the coming year. I am there if you ever need a listening ear, or someone to talk to. Everything that you tell me in confidence, I will never share with others. As a confidential contact person, I am a person you can always contact when you encounter eventual problems during your time here as a student. Be it personal, related to your study or something else, you can always come talk to me and I will help you to the best of my abilities. Together we will look for a solution, and if it is needed, I can bring you in contact with somebody who can help you further. 

Louise Donker

Hi, my name is Louise and I am the external confidants contact person. If you’d like tot talk to someone outside of the board of Amino, whether it’s about social troubles, mental health struggles or something completely different, you can always send me a message. I will never share anything we discuss with others without your permission.