U.L.S.V. currently has nine committees. These committees are listed below. To see details of a committee click on the logo.

U.L.S.V. Amino currently has nine committees. These committee and her members are presented underneath.

Party and drinks committee ‘TipCie

Hey Amino members! We, from TipCie, form the Amino party committee. Every month we organize a fun activity, such as a drink, pub quiz or party, where the Amino members of different annual levels can discuss the struggles and successes of their (study) life with each other or simply go wild. Our activities are often in theme, so that during a romantic drink all romantic lights and hearts can be seen and with a fairy-tale theme a dragon suddenly flies over your head. Our goal? Strive for an association that is as fun as possible with many activities for fun and challenge!

Committee members: Myrna van den Bos, Annefien Tiggeler, Sacha Reijers, Rogier Morsen, Robin Pelle, Niek Renckens, Justin Pelle, Maikel Pepping, Yvonne Wijma, Bronte Donders, Bart Lodder and Daniël Kogan (Board representative)


Journalism committee ‘ImpresCie’

You must have seen them all in their beautiful sweaters: Tim, Noa, Inge, Chanel and Douwe. As a journalism committee we will be involved in everything in the coming year and we will document trips, lectures, and parties on both the camera and in writing. In this way we try to give an impression of the study, teachers, and student life. We collect the nicest current gossip, quotes and facts, and do not forget to pay attention to the highs and lows of the past period. In this way we give as complete a picture as possible of the study and the people. As a result, you can find yourself among the photos, read back your opinion and quotes, and enjoy pieces, puzzles and facts from the association, which will be combined with MLS-related scientific pieces into a real association magazine, The TranScript. We provide the most juicy, funny and beautiful impressions!

Kisses the ImpresCie

Committee members: Tim van der Plas, Noa Hudepol, Inge Rothuis, Chanel Sam, Kes Kloosterhuis and Douwe Schulte (Board representative)


Education committee ‘SynapCie’

We are the education committee of Amino, or the Synapcie! Synapie? A nice committee that is committed to improving the education of the MLS student and also to organize interesting study-related activities. We try to improve education by communicating the experiences and opinions of students higher up and coming up with solutions. For example, we are currently working on helping improve the “PadVinder MLS” (support in choosing optional courses) and writing an Alternative Study Guide. Furthermore, the purpose of the committee is to organize subject-specific activities, such as (lunch) lectures, symposia and everything that has to do with Life Sciences!

Committee members: Baukje Hoogenberg, Merle Watzeels, Casper Stoel, Fleur van Oosterom, Cas Blauw, Sabrina Martijn, Anna Enneking, Demian van Gurp and Justin Pelle (Board representative)


Sports, games and activities committee ‘EnerCie’

Hello, we are the activities committee the EnerCie!
Our goal is to bring all MLS people and other fanatics together by organizing all kinds of activities that focus on sports and games.
If you are looking for some exercise in between studying or just want to relax from all the college craziness by being active with your fellow MLS people, then you are in the right place. Our activities range from game nights and tournaments to sports competitions and relaxing outdoor activities.
Do not hesitate to contact to us if you yourself have very good ideas for activities that are perfect for MLS people or have a fun game that you have always wanted to share and know that you are always welcome!

Committee members: Dirk de Leijer, Jip Manshande, Maarten van Kempen, Bob Coelingh, Marijn Zwijsen, Emile van Weert, Anouck Bahnerth, Merle Scholten and Kes Kloosterhuis (Board representative)


Freshman committee ‘PrimeCie’

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are the first-year committee of U.L.S.V. Amino, the PrimeCie. The committee specially for and by first-year MLS students. Various activities are organized throughout the year to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get to know their fellow students well, also outside the lecture rooms.

Do you have a nice idea for an activity yourself, ideas and suggestions are always welcome! Then you can always email us!

Committee members: Erik van den Bosch, Donna Schweizer, Marieke van der Poel, Sterre Bekker, Romée Balm, Iris Rots, Inge Rothuis, Nial van der Steeg and Bob Coelingh (Board representative)


Travel committee ‘DiffuCie’

We are Ralph, Inèz, Sacha, Michelle, Tim, Bob and Chanel from the Amino travel committee, or the DiffuCie!
We take care of the organization of fun journeys, whereby the MLS people enjoy a fun and educational time together. For example, we organize different trips where we not only go to nice cafes and clubs, but where we also visit beautiful sights of the destinations. Furthermore, we always try to visit MLS-related companies, so that the journey is also informative! In addition to studying, it is very important to always have something to look forward to, so that you can enjoy yourself after all the hard work. relax and socialize with fellow students for a few days away! The DiffuCie is indispensable and we will ensure that everyone will have a great time! Joe!

Committee members: Ralph Rijnders, Inèz Stoof, Sacha Reijers, Michelle Versluis, Tim van der Plas, Bob Coelingh and Chanel Sam (Board representative)


Dies committee ‘TraktaCie’

Hi there, we are the Dies Committee of Amino! Every year we are committed to celebrating Amino’s birthday in a spectacular way! Amino’s birthday is on 14 May and around that date we are organizing a whole bunch of activities that bring all Amino members together. These activities will be very different, of course all very nice and fun! The activities we are going to organize are announced in the run-up to the birthday.

Committee members: Ellen Stassen, Tim van der Plas, Bas Odekerken, Myrna van den Bos, Fleur van Oosterom, Andrea Kooreman, Chanel Sam (Board representative)


Almanak Committee

Hello everyone, we are Amino’s Almanac Committee! We as a committee are busy all year long to finally be able to put down a beautiful Amino Almanac for the past study / association year. An Almanac is a yearbook in which things will be reflected such as the history of the association, all committees with nice stories, reports of all the fantastic activities that have been organized over the past year, a “face book” that includes all members and of course all other great things such as lots of photos, facts and nice gossip about all your fellow amino members. be present at the coffee tables. Be sure to stop by to eat all your stress exams with a nice muffin, brownie or piece of cake and at the same time support the Almanac with a small contribution! If you still have fun facts, gossip or something similar, be sure to send an email to just send an app to one of our members, that is always possible! Regards, The Almanac Commission: Jip Manshande, Fleur van Oosterom, Demian van Gurp, Merle Scholten, Marieke Roos, Lucas Siero, Daniël Kogan (Board representative)


Computercommissie ‘PCie’

PCie Logo

We are the committee that wants to help members of Amino learn how computers work and how to handle computers. The most common activities will be: workshops and courses (although they probably won’t come this year). Think in terms of topics: Excel, LaTeX, R, Python, Word and Statistics (and how that works easily in Excel).

Whether you would like to know more about computers, or if you have no idea how such thing actually turns on and you want to learn, you can visit our activities in all cases!

If you have good ideas for topics for workshops and / or courses, don’t hesitate and let us know!

Committee members: Justin Pelle, Douwe Schulte, Robin Pelle, Marnix van Soest, Chiara Lesluis, Diederik Bloemendal and Kes Kloosterhuis (Board representative)