Mertcan Yildirim

Hello! I am Mertcan Yildirim and I am a confidant at Amino for the academic year of 2019-2020. Everything that you tell me in confidence, I will never share with others. As a confidant I will be the person of contact for eventual problems that can occur during your time here as a student. I will try my best to be a listening ear and to help you in my best capabilities. If it turns out that this is not enough, we will look for a better solution or I will bring you in contact with somebody who can help you further.

Donna Scheizer

Hi! My name is Donna Schweizer and next to commissioner of internal affairs I am also a confidant at the association. This means that you can always come to me if you struggle with certain problems or just need someone to talk to. Everything that you tell me will be in confidence, and will not be shared with others.