Hey everybody, we are the Almanac Taskforce of Amino! As a taskforce we’re busy all year round so we can ultimately make a beautiful almanac about the first lustrum of Amino!

An Almanac is a yearbook where you can find things like the history of the association, fun stories from the committees and taskforces, reports of all the fantastic activities from the past year, a face compendium that contains a list of all members, and of course all kind of other fun stuff like photos, facts and juicy gossip about all of your fellow Amino members.

We’ll also sometimes be present at the coffee tables. Be sure to come by at some point to eat away your exam stress with a delicious muffin, brownie or a piece of cake and support the Almanac Taskforce with a small contribution!

If you have any fun facts, gossip or anything of the sort, make sure to send a mail to: or send a message to one of our members. That’s always an option!

The Almanac Taskforce