Amino measures regarding the Coronavirus

Dear Amino members,

You should all have received an email from Amino which informed you about the lastest updates that Amino has undertaken regarding the Coronavirus. We will now keep you informed of all changes that the association goes through via the Broadcast and this website post.

The main measures and changes currently being taken by Amino are as follows:

  • For the forseable future, all physical activities have been canceled. Online activities will continue as planned.
  • Take into account that we are uncertain as to when we will be able to organise any new physical activities.
  • The Aminoroom is closed for now, since education is still mostly online. We do not know what this means for the opening of association rooms, but all developments will be closely monitored and we will inform everyone when changes take place.

If you still have questions for the board regarding the current situation, or if you would just like to talk somebode about this situation, you can ofcourse always send an email to or reach to one of the confidential advisers.

Furthermore, all students also receive updates from the University, so keep an eye on your student email and blackboard for further updates!

Lots of love and succes,

The IVth board,
Erik, Diederik, Bas, Anna, Laurens and Myrthe

Amino members participate in charity work!

It has been a while, but from the 9th to the 13th of March, Amino organized a charity week. In this week, lunch or other tasty food was provided every day during the break, the proceeds of which went to charity!

Wednesday afternoon was even more special; on this day a sustainable lunch was organized by the WerkGroen. Via “Too good to go” food was collected from various hotels in Utrecht that would otherwise be thrown away.

The plan was to end the week appropriately with an NL action campaign, where a number of amino members would help one morning to make beehives ready for spring. Unfortunately this could not go through, however we are happy to announce that all the money collected from the lunches will be donated to the charity “Plastic Soup Foundation”, which hopefully can fight a lot of plastic pollution with this!