Purple Friday Bakesale

Purple Friday is a Dutch tradition that takes place on the second Friday of December. The purpose is to draw attention to and show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community by wearing purple clothing💜. We would love to see everyone in their best purple outfit! And even better: members of the IncluCie worked hard to make us some delicious baked goods. On Friday the 8th they will hold a bake sale at the Amino Room with everything in purple! And all of the collected money will go to charity! So come by and support the LGBTQ+ community!

You can pay for the baked goods via the Purple Friday Store via the button down below.

Lots of love, the IncluCie and the VIIth board

VIIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino!

From left to right: Litske van Leeuwen, Carlijn Rots, Jildau de Haan, Luuk Albers, Maureen Wind & Mette van den Brink

It is time! After the exchange of boards on the 28th of September, the VIIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino is finally here! We are incredibly excited and can’t wait to put all of our effort into this beautiful association. 

Here is an overview of the board members and their functions:

Luuk Albers – Chair

Jildau de Haan – Secretary

Maureen Wind – Treasurer

Carlijn Rots – Vice-chair & commissioner of educational affairs

Mette van den Brink – Vice-secretary & commissioner of internal affairs

Litske van Leeuwen – Vice-treasurer & commissioner of external affairs

The VIIth board was constituted under the following motto:

Recenti aspectu” (meaning ‘with a fresh perspective’).

We hope you are just excited as we are, and don’t hesitate to visit us at the Amino Room or at activities. See you then!

Love from the VIIth board!