Career support

Amino tries to support you in many different ways with all your career matters, preparations and steps that are taken after obtaining your bachelor and master. Amino does this by offering different exploratory or broadening activities and also by pointing out different resources, services and activities offered from other agencies. Read below which possibilities there are to orient yourself and prepare for your future career.

Developing skills

To become successful on the job market you often need different skills that are not covered during the standard curriculum courses. This includes maintaining a LinkedIn profile, writing a motivation letter and drawing up your CV.

LinkedIn Cursus

The SynapCie, the Educational Committee, organises a LinkedIn course every year. During this workshop you will not only learn all the ins and outs of LinkedIn, but you can also immediately shoot a professional passport photo and you have a good network of contacts to add to your new profile. Students who are already familiar with LinkedIn can also pick up some useful tips and tricks here.

Career Services

Career Services bridges the gap between students, study programs and the labor market in order to prepare students of Utrecht University for their working life as well as possible. For example: internal (customised) training courses, individual coaching conversations, various events and information about alumni and their careers are offered.

After your bachelor

After completing your bachelor with Studytrack Molecular Life Sciences it is sometimes difficult to choose which subsequent master is right for you. Or maybe you are looking a bit further at all career options; Below you will find various activities and open days to get you started.

Master information drink

All connecting masters within UU are listed on the website of Utrecht University, where you can always take a look at all the options. In addition to this, the SynapCie organises a master information drink, where master students of many of these studies will be invited to answer all your burning questions.

Masters open day UU

Every year Utrecht University organises a Masters Open Day where you can learn more about virtually all master’s programs in information rounds. There are also information markets all over the campus throughout the open day, where you have the opportunity to speak to lecturers and (former) students and to ask them all your questions.

BCF career event

The BCF (Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food & Pharma) Career Event is the largest career fair for Life Sciences. The event offers you the opportunity to get in direct contact with a wide range of employers from the sector in one day, as well as other organisations that can play a role in your career.

Career Day UU

Every year, the Career Day is organised for all students at Utrecht University, where you can gain insight into all career options (internships, side jobs, training and starter jobs). There are various options for this to come into contact with the organisations present; for example, by meeting recruiters at the company fair, participating in a workshop or registering for a personal meeting. You can also do a CV check at this event, have a professional photo taken or ask for advice for your thesis.