Creating a new Committee or Taskforce

Since Amino is a young study association we still have a lot of room to grow, which means there’s always room for new committees and taskforces. Do you have a great idea for a committee or taskforce which you think will add to Amino? Fill in one of the forms below and send it to  

To determine which of the two forms you need to fill in, you need to decide whether you want to establish a committee or taskforce.

  • Committees are a group of students which organize at least one activity each year. They consist of at least three roles.
    • The chair who is responsible for leading meetings.
    • The secretary, who is responsible for taking minutes and checking the committee’s e-mail.
    • The treasurer who is responsible for making the budget and discussing this with the association treasurer.
    • Also present in each committee and taskforce is a member of the board as board representative, whose job is to support and help with activities were needed, and maintain communication with the board.
  • You can see our current committees in the page Committees on the website
  • Taskforces are a group of students which do not need to organize at least one activity each year. They help to support the association with things such as the website or create products such as the Almanak or the Merchandise. They consist of at least two roles.
    • The chair
    • The secretary
    • Also present in each committee and taskforce is a member of the board as boardrepresentative.
  • You can see our current taskforces in the page Taskforces on the website

If you have questions you can use the e-mail address listed above or send a message to the Amino phone number.

Enter your first name here
Enter your surname here
Enter your e-mail here
E.g. Almanac, PCie, GeneraCie, etc
E.g. Drinks- and party committee, Website Taskforce, The Board Advisory Council
Please specify which members will occupy which function, the following three are mandatory: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining members can have either no function or a function can be created. If you wish to have new functions, please specify. This is however not mandatory and may also be done at a later time.
Please specify your goal for this Committee, Taskforce or Council. Be as specific as possible (see the example). Also state an idea for the first activity/event/service.
Please provide your desired colour in #code format and the exact name. Note that colours may not overlap with other committees or taskforces, for this reason the board may ask you to change your colour.
Please provide the motto, try to think of an English motto. You are allowed to change it later, this is not very strict.