Amino measures regarding the Coronavirus

Dear Amino members,

You should all have received an email from Amino which informed you about the lastest updates that Amino has undertaken regarding the Coronavirus. We will now keep you informed of all changes that the association goes through via the Broadcast and this website post.

The main measures and changes currently being taken by Amino are as follows:

  • All activities up to the 1st of June have been canceled, which means that unfortunately the Dies month will also not take place in May.
  • For the time being, we hope to be able to resume all normale activities from the first of June, but please note that this is not yet certain.
  • The Aminoroom is closed for now, since education untill the end of the college year will only be offered online. We do not kno what this means for the opening of the University buildings, but all developments will be closely monitored and we will inform everyone when changes take place.

If you still have questions for the board regarding the current situation, or if you would just like to talk somebode about this situation, you can ofcourse always send an email to or reach to one of the confidential advisers.

Furthermore, all students also receive updates from the University, so keep an eye on your student email and blackboard for further updates!

Lots of love and succes,

The IIIrd board,
Robin, Jip, Mertcan, Inge, Sacha, Nial and Donna

Members input and GMM’s

As a member of Amino, you can give your opinion in various ways, and ensure the change that you would like to see within the association. Not only are you always welcome to present your wildest initiatives to the board, but also all the feedback provided through the half-yearly survey and during the General Members Meeting, is listened to by the board.

At a General Meeting of Members (GMM) members have a say in what is going on in the association. For example, during these meetings management policy plans are evaluated and new plans for the association are presented. There are three GMM’s each year;

  • The exchange GMM (eGMM) whereby the board changes to a new board;
  • The half-yearly GMM (hGMM) where the board will present its half-yearly evaluation and settlement;
  • The proposal GMM (pGMM) where the new candidate board is presented.

The GMM is the time to make your voice heard and to ask questions about Amino to the board. In addition, members can always suggest things that can be discussed during a GMM. So be sure to come to the upcoming General Meeting of Members, on Tuesday 25 of February and make your voice heard! There is a possibility to eat with us, register quickly via the link.

Half-yearly registrations

In addition to the board that keeps Amino running, Amino currently has nine committees and three task forces. These committees and task forces  are organize the most activities and services for the association! For example, have you been to the Halloween part at the start of the year? Did you purchase an Aminosweater or enjoyed yourself on the Jeu de Boules activity? This would not have been possible without the many committees and taskforces!

There are many different committees/ task forces, each with a name that matches their theme, for example the TipCie (reception committee), the ImpresCie (journalism committee) or the DiffuCie (travel committee)! Click here for a complete overview of all committees, and click here for a complete overview of all taskforces.

Being in a committee/ task force is not only educational but also very enjoyable! Once in a while you will sit together to discuss the next activity/ service that you plan on organizing. This will often be accompanied by eating dinner together and perhaps a drink afterwards. You ensure with a group that there are enormous cool activities/ services for Amino!

Does this also seem like a very nice experience to you? Then register via the Half-yearly registration committee via the link below.

A happy 2020!

The IIIrd board wishes everybody a happy new year! A new decade has arrived, and also a number of innovations have taken place within Amino. For example, we now have a photo wall, a beer cap collector and the commission and taskforce competition board has received a make-over! And not only that, but the Pool Competition will also start next week; everyone can be challenged to play a game, and come out as the ultimate winner at the end of every period. Go for victory and win the coveted prize and ofcourse eternal fame!

Many of these ideas and initiatives were suggestions admitted to the ideabox that is part of the Amino room! If you also have an amazing idea like this haunting your mind, then definitely leave it in this box!

Of course there are plenty of things as they have always been, and also this year you can expect a lot of fun, educational and entertaining activities! Are you curious of what more there is to come the following weeks? Then for sure take a look at “upcoming activities”.

To a beautiful 2020 and lots of love,

The IIIrd,
Robin, Jip, Mertcan, Inge, Sacha, Nial and Donna