NVBMB lecture

On Thursday, April 29, study association of Biomedical Engineering Protagoras is organizing a lunch lecture in collaboration with NVBMB from 12:45 PM to 1:15 PM, with room for questions afterwards.

The lecture How bacteria defend themselves against viruses will be taught by Dr. Stan Brouns, who leads a research group at TU Delft about the theme of microbe - bacteriophage interactions.

In this lunch lecture he will dive into the billion year battle in the microbial world between bacteria and their bacteriophages. He will highlight a number of ingenious evolutionary inventions for defense and counterdefense, including CRISPR-Cas.

NVBMB founded young NVBMB, which consists of a collaboration between study associations from all over the Netherlands (GLV Idun, SV Mens, ULSV Amino, CODON and SvBMT Protagoras).

You will recieve the Zoom link after the closing of the registration.

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