Python workshop

The time has come for the Python course. The PCie will be teaching you a crash course on how to program using python and why it is handy to master. We have 4 evenings planned that cover different topics:

1. Introduction & Python basics
2. File-system and -formats
3. Data-analysis and -visualisation
4. Biomolecular databases and PyMol
If you are interested in some but not all evenings, you can still fill out the form and attend only the ones you’d like.

After the first evening we will determine the dates of the other evenings by asking the group whom showed interest when most of them can attend. So do not hesitate to fill in the form.

Till the 1st of June 20.00h on Microsoft Teams

Digital greetings,
The PCie

Installation and downloads

During this Python course we will make use of the platform Spyder as our IDE. You can install Spyder using one of the buttons below. It is recomended to download and install this before the start of the activity due to the download and installation time.

Registration form

This event has already started. Do you still want to join or submit your order? Please contact a board member.