🌱WerkGroen - Cutting swap🌱
Hello there fellow plant enthusiasts! Winter is coming and plants around us are letting go of their red-yellow-orange leaves. 🍂 For anyone who prefers to be surrounded by green: now is the perfect time to set up a small jungle 🪴🎋🍃 in your own room! The WerkGroen is here to help. Come to the Amino room on the 4th of November between 11.00 and 16.00 to pick up and/or give away plant cuttings. If you do not have any cuttings of your own yet: no worries, the WerkGroen will provide a few. Come hang out with us, have some tea, and make some new (plant) friends. See you there! 💚
What: Cutting swap by the WerkGroen
When: 4th of November 11.00-16.00
Where: Amino room (Caroline Bleekergebouw 105)
Who: Amino members with a green heart 💚