Raise and give week

In the upcoming week we will be raising money for charity. The charities of this year are Centrum Seksueel Geweld Utrecht🚫 and Milieudefensie🌱! All the profits will go to them. You can buy food from Monday until Thursday. On Monday we have pie🥧 for pi day, on Tuesday we'll have delicious cookies🍪, on Wednesday we have appelflappen baked by the board and on Thursday we have (vegetarian) meatballs🧆 on a bun, made by our Chairman! On Friday we’ll be organising an auction👆! If you have any things or services to action off, just add the idea to the jar in the Aminoroom sometime next week (the board will be adding things too!)📥, and on the 18th we’ll have a fun auction together between 15:00 and 17:00! The money gained from the auction will be completely donated to the above mentioned organisations🪙. If you have any questions send us a message💜!