Introduction package deal + hoodie

There are many activities in the introduction for which you have to sign up, like the BBQ, party and camp. But after the introduction Amino will also organise activities for you! One of the first activities of the year is pooling for the first year students! This will take place on 5 October. There is also a nice Amino hoodie what holds you warm in the cold days. Do you want to register for all these activities in one go and order an Amino hoodie and get a discount on the price? Then this is a good deal for you! You can sign up for this deal until Monday, 5 September with a cost of 88 euro!
An important note is that you only can apply for this deal if you also sign up as member for Amino, this can on this page:

Important: for the pub quiz you have to subscribe separately.

Registration form

This event has already started. Do you still want to join or submit your order? Please contact a board member.