Master's information evening

Already stressing about which master to choose or about writing a motivation letter.Whether you’re in the first year of your bachelor or your fifth, it’s always a good idea to get informed about the available Master’s programmes at the UU!
The SynapCie has gathered previous MLS students to talk about their Master’s programmes. They can provide information about enrollment, what the programme is about, their experience and what it is they’re working on. It is also possible to order dinner for only 1 euro with the link below.
We hope to see you there! Love, the SynapCie💙 <3

The following Master’s programmes will be represented
- Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity
- Health and Environment
- Infection and Immunity
- Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences
- Neuroscience and Cognition
- Drug Innovation

Possible questions to ask
- What is the master about?
- What are they currently working on at their 9 month internship
- Why and how they choose this master?
- Did they apply for multiple masters
- Did they get first choice?
- How did they decide between multiple masters (if they got accepted for multiple)
- What the application process entails.
- Writing motivational letter, CV
- If they have any tips
- How many spots are available?

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