Purple Friday

It’s December, which means time to put on a nice, cozy sweater. And why not choose a purple one in order to celebrate purple friday with us on December 9th! Purple friday is a day where you wear purple to show your support to the LGBT+ community. Statistic show that even at higher education like universities and colleges, there is still discrimination and bullying towards the LGBT+ community. By participating in this event through wearing something purple, you show that you stand against bullying and discrimination.

To celebrate, the IncluCie will be organizing a photobooth at the top of the stairs at Koningsbergergebouw on the first floor, in front of the big screen. You can take pictures there the whole day and post them on your social media with #purplefridayUU. The best picture of the day will be in for a fun prize! There will also be a bake sale at the same location, where all profits will go to COC Netherlands. COC Netherlands is the one of the two organizations behind purple friday and has been advocating for the LGBT+ community since 1946.

Hopefully we will see you there!