Softijs (Ice skating) Clinics

Sign ups close February 22nd!

Come Iceskating with the EnerCie (Fun, Yeey, Let's Go!). Our hour is from 10:15 PM to 11:30 PM, but our warm-up starts at 9:45 PM! After training we often go for a drink in the café, where you are of course also very welcome!

A number of rules apply on the skating rink: wear long clothing (sportswear is useful, because it is difficult to skate in jeans, long sleeves and long pants are mandatory), gloves and hat are also mandatory and a helmet is recommended. Furthermore, the ring has loaner skates available. This is a limited stock, so we therefore advise you to bring your own skate as much as possible. Consider, for example, borrowing from family or friends. It is important that these are Norwegians (Dutch: Noren). So no figure skating or ice hockey skates, you cannot follow a clinic on these!

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