Murder Mystery

A murder mystery party is depended on its participants showing up. If you sign up you have to come, there is no possibility to cancel! Note that you do not have to sign up here if you already have the passe partout!

Even though the holiday season is still a couple months away, everyone at the North Pole has been hard at work to prepare for an amazing holiday season. Diespite the efforts of the arctic inhabitants, productivity is at an all-time low, upsetting many and putting Santa’s legacy at stake. Diesperate for a change, there are many who are willing to do almost anything to increase efficiency and restore peace at the North Pole. But only one who will go too far and commit an act of murder in this mystical place. Will it be the audiescious elf who believes they could run the workshop better? The remorseful reindeer ready to hide their secrets? Or possibly the unwavering wife who will do anything to protect her family through any ordeal?

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