Exit GAM

After a year of hard work, the VIth board will stop their reign, and give the management of the association over to the next board, the VIIth! During the Exit GAM all the official documents will be dealt with and (hopefully) everyone will be installed into their committees and taskforces. You can check the agenda which we sent in the mail. If you lost the email, you can request it again by sending a message to the board. On the eGAM we will eat pizza at the Amino Room before, so order it for 27 sept 12:00.

Order pizza here!

If you'd like to order pizza for €5,- for during the exchange General Assembly of Members (eGAM), you can do that here!

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Payment request

After having sent this form, a payment request will become visible on this page and emailed to you. You'll have till 27/09/2023 to change your decision.
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The cancellation deadline for this event is 27-09-2023 17:30. To cancel, please contact the board at board@ulsvamino.nl