Batavierenrace 2024!

Batavierenrace interest form
Last year, Amino took part in the world's 🌎 biggest relay race: the Batavierenrace. This race was run🏃‍♀️ from Nijmegen to Enschede in 25 stages. Besides that, we went camping🏕️, had cozy bus rides🚐, and ended it with a party of over 8,000 people🥳!
This year, we're going to do all of that again, and we'd love you🫵 to take part! It doesn't matter whether you're a fast runner or slow goer. We'd also like some extra hands for logistics (driving, taking pictures📸, etc)! Are you interested in participating? Fill out the form and let us know!

Registration form

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Attention! Pictures taken at this activity can be posted on instagram or other social media. Would you rather not have your pictures on social media, contact the board through the Aminonumber.

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We create a groupsapp with all of us to distribute extra information.
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Disclaimer: We try our best to divide the stages as well as possible, but there is no guarantee you will get a distance you indicate now.
The stages are divided in shifts. You can click multiple. If you want more information on this you can ask an EnerCie or board member or look at the Batavierenrace website.
We try our best to get everyone in a stage they want, but we again cannot guarantee anything.

Payment Acceptence

After submitting this form, the EnerCie will divide the stages and other tasks. Once this is done and they know how many people we can take with us, they will send out a payment request. In order to be allowed access to join the Batavierenrace, this payment request must be paid.
"Yes, I will pay this payment request when recieved!" must be checked to click send!

The cancellation deadline for this event is 24-05-2024 00:00. Find the cancellation policy here, and to cancel please contact the board at