Lili's Battle of the Bots

Do you enjoy making battle bots? You don't know? Well, come and try at Lili's Proto Lab!🤖 You're gonna work together in a team to make a bot that can defeat all other bots.👊 Using rapid prototyping you can even print new parts for your warrior!⚔ Sign up fast 'cause there are limited spots!
May the best bot win...🏆

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Enter your details below to register for Lili's Battle of the Bots on 13/03/2024! Make sure to be on time and if you have one, bring a mouse!

Attention! Pictures taken at this activity can be posted on instagram or other social media. Would you rather not have your pictures on social media, contact the board through the Aminonumber.

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The cancellation deadline for this event is 13-03-2024 13:30. Find the cancellation policy here, and to cancel please contact the board at