Queer Movie Night with Integrase

Whether you're crushing on "Sex Education" or falling for "Heartstopper," we've got the vibes you crave. Join us between snacks 🍿 and cozy blankets for a queer Movie Night! 🌈 🎬 We will order pizza 🍕 together, if you are extra hungry. All Amino are members welcome, 'cause good times know no labels, so sign up now! Plus: this activity is organised together with Integrase! 🧬

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Enter your details below to register for Queer Movie Night with Integrase on 02/03/2024! If you want you can order a pizza Margaritha/ Funghi for €6 or a pizza Veggi for €8. Let us know which pizza you want before 02/03/2024 14:00!

Attention! Pictures taken at this activity can be posted on instagram or other social media. Would you rather not have your pictures on social media, contact the board through the Aminonumber.

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The cancellation deadline for this event is 02-03-2024 14:00. Find the cancellation policy here, and to cancel please contact the board at board@ulsvamino.nl