External Party: Veni, Vidi, Vacation

The end of the year is approaching—the end of an era. You are probably ready for the holidays😎, but first, the year must end in style with a classical celebration🏛️ that will be described in the history books. June 27th at 10 PM. For the location, just follow the road. All roads lead to Poema.🕺

For €4.50, you are welcome and will get a welcome drink from the Empire🍻. Put on your gown and laurel wreath. Dress in white, gold, and green with summer accessories. As Horace said, "Now is the time to drink."

The emperor has spoken. We are in! Et tu, Brute?

Voucher code: AMINOKAS5R3NLQ4TZ7U3D (fill in when buying your ticket)