Dies symposium 'Unraveling the Science of Life'

Registration form Dies Symposium

Register yourself for the U.L.S.V. Amino Dies Symposium "Unravelling the Science of Life", on the 6th of may. Attendance and food are both offered for free.

Absent and food waste

In the case that you are no longer available on the day of the Symposium, you obliged to notice us of this before the 28th of april by sending an email or a whatsapp message. If you have not done this , you indicated that you would like a meal at the symposium and are not present without good reason , 15 euros will be asked to compensate for food waste,
"Yes I understand that I have to cancel my registration before April 28 in case I can't be there, or I have to compensate for the food waste made." must be checked to click send!