Still have some questions left unanswered? Scroll down below to read an overview of some frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact the board if you have any other questions!


A study association is an association related to the study you’re doing. In our case, Amino welcomes members from Molecular Life Sciences (Bachelor), Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences (Bachelor) and students from the Graduate School of Life Sciences (Master). Amino is here to provide activities, both educational-related and fun-related, to support you with your studies and for free coffee and tea. We form a nice community, for all different kinds of students, where a lot of friendships are formed.

Becoming a member only costs you 10 euros. In return, you get a lot of things. First of all, you are welcome to visit our association room (Amino Room), where you can get free coffee/tea or pay a small price for some nice room consumptions (waffles, noodles, yoghurt, soda etc.). Membership means you can sign up to come to our activities! Next, you get the possibility of a discount on your studybooks. Lastly, as Amino has sponsors, it is possible to get some discounts for your favourite companies. For example, if you like pooling, you can go to Poolcafe Hart van Utrecht, show you are a member of Amino, and get a discount! If you want to get a complete overview of your benefits as member, click here .
Disclaimer: do let the commissioner of external affairs know on time if you want to take advantage of the bowling deal.

Actually, the only responsibility you have is paying the contribution. All the other extras (like activities, the room) are non-obligatory.

Definitely! We are a study association, so we of course also organise study-related activities. For example, our educational committee sometimes hosts a guest lecture with a professor, who will talk about their research. We also host the ‘Study days’, which provide you with a room to study in (with free snacks and drinks) during the exam periods. Moreover, you get a discount on your study books and we are also here to help you with the choices you have to make during your study career. We often invite older students to talk about courses and help you with making decisions.

The board of this association generally consists of 6 people and is in charge of the entire association. They exist of a: chair, secretary, treasurer, commissioner of educational affairs, commissioner of internal affairs and a commissioner of external affairs. You will see these 6 people the most often, since they will be present at the Amino Room every day, and at activities. They are also there if you have any questions about anything. Don’t hesitate to ask them! Next, we have committees. There are a lot of activities to be organised during a year, and of course the board can’t to it themselves. We have different committees for different types of activities, like the SynapCie for the educational activities, the TipCie for the party activities and the TraktaCie for the Dies activities. Then, taskforces are similar to committees, however they do not need to host activities. They are often occupied with other things within the association. For example the TaskForest, who ensures a sustainable Amino Room and takes care of the plants. Also, we have the Merch, who designs Merchandise for Amino. Lastly, there are councils. These are groups who monitor everything within the association. They for example keep track of the board, the financials or the association documents. To conclude, there are a lot of motivated groups within our association, who are always open for new members. So, if you are interested, click here.

Financial matters

The contribution to become a member of Amino is 10 euros every year. If you did not fill in a SEPA-form, we have to sent a payment request, which requires transaction costs, which means we will ask €12,50. A SEPA-form is a form you can fill in when becoming a member, where you give Amino permission to write off the contribution of your bank account.

If you filled in a SEPA-form, you will get an email from the secretary and the treasurer two weeks in advance before the direct debit. In two weeks the contribution of 10 euros will then automatically be written off your bank account. If you did not fill in a SEPA-form, you will also get an email, but with a payment request. The secretary and treasurer will then ask you to pay this payment request before a certain date.

When signing up for activities or buying room consumptions, you will not pay immediately. All of your transactions will be put summed together at the end of the month. You will get a mail from the Treasurer every month with an overview of all of your transactions. If you filled in a SEPA-form, these will then be debited from your bank account at the end of the month. If you did not fill in a SEPA-form, the treasurer will send you a payment request with the right amount.


A Dies month is the birthday month of an association. For Amino, our birthday month is May. We were founded on the 14th of May. That is why the TraktaCie, the committee responsible for the Dies, will fill the entire month of May with all kinds of activities to celebrate this special occasion. So, if you become a member, make sure to clear your entire schedule for May, since you will be busy that month ;).

A SKE is a Stamkroeg Evening, which translates to a Local Pub Evening. Every last Wednesday of the month, Amino hosts a SKE at their local pub, which is Ouwe Dikke Dries. Here, you can reconnect with your Amino friends, while having a nice drink. Some SKEs can be special and can be organised by a committee or taskforce. For example, the Dies Theme often gets revealed during a SKE.

A GAM is a General Assembly of Members. The GAM is the highest consultative body of the association. Here, members can participate and have a say in all the affairs currently occupying the association. Amino hosts a minimum of three GAMs every academic year. Members will get an official invitation two weeks in advance. Important things like association documents, the candidate board or the exchange of the boards will be discussed during these evenings.

Yes, sometimes we have activities open for non-members. They probably have to pay a bit extra though. However, if you have friends who are very enthusiastic about Amino and want to come to all activities, they can become a patron! A patron is basically a member. The only difference is, they can not attend the GAMs.


Make sure you are signed in! If this still doesn’t work, then message the Amino phone, contact a board member or a member of the Website Werkgroep.