General Assembly of Members

The General Assembly of Members (GAM) is the highest consultative body of the association. Here, members can participate and have a say in all the affairs currently occupying the association. All members will receive an official invitation at least two weeks in advance, and are noticed of the upcoming agenda. It’s the best place for a member or for a committee / taskforce to communicate feedback, criticism, questions, comments or anything else to the board!

Occasionally, during General Assemblies, a vote is held among all members present on a variety of topics. If you’re not able to be present at a General Assembly, but do you want to vote for a certain subject? In that case you can authorize another member, who will be present, to cast your vote!
You can also request the minutes by sending an e-mail to the secretary (, if you are curious what exactly was discussed in your absence (or if you just want to read it back for your own enjoyment)!

All in all, General Assemblies are an essential part of the association. All members can become aware of and discuss all current affairs within the association. Everyone can make their voice heard, provide feedback and thus ensure an optimal state of affairs within the association!