Why become a member of Amino?

If you study the study track Molecular Life Sciences (MLS), the bachelor Molecular & Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS) or a master at the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) at Utrecht University, you can become a member of Amino. In return, you receive a Life Science community. The board of the association will serve the community to their capabilities, by providing a healthy environment during your college years, and helping you on educational, entertainment, and relaxational levels. Of course, this could not be done by just the board alone, and luckily the association also contains eleven committees and four taskforces that organize many educational and entertaining activities. As a member you can participate in all these activities and even join one (or all) of the committees and taskforces!

How do I sign up?

You can enroll for the association here, following an enrollment form. For only 10,- euros each year, you can call yourself a full Amino-member.

Contribution collection

As an official member of U.L.S.V. Amino, your only obligation is to pay the yearly contribution. Each year you will need to pay your 10,- euro contribution, for all the services that the association provides. This will be done through direct debits.

Has your personal information changed (for example by moving out)? Please make this noticed by sending an email to

The financial year starts on the 1st of September. In the case that you are still a registered member or patron of the association at this point in time, you are obligated to pay the contribution for the upcoming association year.


It could of course be possible that you would prefer to not be a member of the association anymore. It is possible to resign: following the link here you will be brought to the resign form. The association year starts on the 1st of September, so you will still have the obligation to pay your contribution for the current association year if you resign after this date.