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We’re already halfway through the year and we are already busy with the preparations for the next introduction💯. However, we can’t welcome all the students and show them around Utrecht with just the members of the IC and therefore, we need your help! Are you interested in having fun with the new first year students? And getting them all prepared for the time of their lives?!🍻 Sign up to be a mentor with a friend of your choice!🤩

Fill out this form before May 5th, only one submission per duo is necessary. In the motivation you’ll describe yourselves shortly and why you two would form a great mentorduo. If you want to become a mentor, it is important to free your calendar on Sunday September 1st and the weekend of camp, 20 - 22 September. These dates are mandatory, as well as being present at all the activities we organise✅️. On Sunday the 1st of September, we will walk through the whole introduction and discuss important things for you to know. The introduction will start on September 2nd.

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