Merch Winter 2019


The Merchandise taskforce comes with something special, Amino sweaters and socks to radiate Amino’s pride. So get your sweaters and socks here to expand your collection!

Fanny packs? Yes Fanny packs!

In the festival season we will come with Amino fanny packs. Now we have a special promotion! An exclusive Amino fanny pack will be raffled among anyone who buys sweaters or socks!

The more items you buy, the more “lottery tickets” you get during the raffle! (So ​​present at the SKA, one sweater and one pair of socks are three lots for the Fanny pack!). Taskforce merchandise members are excluded from participation xoxo

Good luck!


The final design will be announced on the upcoming FBE (Oct. 30)!

Example of the sweaters, with only a question mark

A sweater with unique design of the Amino logo, 1 sweater costs € 19.99.


Design of the socks, the socks are bordeau red with small white helices on them, really cool!

The design of the socks above is a draft version, the final version will be similar to this design. The socks will cost € 9.99 per pair.