A happy 2020!

The IIIrd board wishes everybody a happy new year! A new decade has arrived, and also a number of innovations have taken place within Amino. For example, we now have a photo wall, a beer cap collector and the commission and taskforce competition board has received a make-over! And not only that, but the Pool Competition will also start next week; everyone can be challenged to play a game, and come out as the ultimate winner at the end of every period. Go for victory and win the coveted prize and ofcourse eternal fame!

Many of these ideas and initiatives were suggestions admitted to the ideabox that is part of the Amino room! If you also have an amazing idea like this haunting your mind, then definitely leave it in this box!

Of course there are plenty of things as they have always been, and also this year you can expect a lot of fun, educational and entertaining activities! Are you curious of what more there is to come the following weeks? Then for sure take a look at “upcoming activities”.

To a beautiful 2020 and lots of love,

The IIIrd,
Robin, Jip, Mertcan, Inge, Sacha, Nial and Donna