Half-yearly registrations

In addition to the board that keeps Amino running, Amino currently has nine committees and three task forces. These committees and task forces  are organize the most activities and services for the association! For example, have you been to the Halloween part at the start of the year? Did you purchase an Aminosweater or enjoyed yourself on the Jeu de Boules activity? This would not have been possible without the many committees and taskforces!

There are many different committees/ task forces, each with a name that matches their theme, for example the TipCie (reception committee), the ImpresCie (journalism committee) or the DiffuCie (travel committee)! Click here for a complete overview of all committees, and click here for a complete overview of all taskforces.

Being in a committee/ task force is not only educational but also very enjoyable! Once in a while you will sit together to discuss the next activity/ service that you plan on organizing. This will often be accompanied by eating dinner together and perhaps a drink afterwards. You ensure with a group that there are enormous cool activities/ services for Amino!

Does this also seem like a very nice experience to you? Then register via the Half-yearly registration committee via the link below.