Installation board III

Last night during the change general members meeting (wALv) of U.L.S.V. Amino the II board was discharged and the III board was installed. The second board has had a wonderful year and we would like to thank them again for this.

In the coming year, we of the III board are going to work hard to make something beautiful of it and are looking forward to this very much! For more information about us, please visit the current board page.

The following functions will be fulfilled by the following persons from the III board:

ChairRobin Pelle
SecretaryJip Manshande
TreasurerMertcan Yildirim
Vice Chair &
Commissioner of External Affairs
Inge Rothuis
Vice Secretary &
Commissioner of Connections
Sacha Reijers
Vice Treasurer &
Commissioner of Educational Affairs
Nial van der Steeg
Commissioner of Internal AffairsDonna Schweizer


The IIIe board of U.L.S.V. Amino
Robin, Jip, Mertcan, Inge, Sacha, Nial and Donna