Ist Lustrum Amino – By GeneraCie

Hi dear Amino Members,

As you probably already know, this year is Amino’s fifth birthday 🎉, which is also called the Lustrum year. We as the Generacie will make sure everyone gets the chance to celebrate this event bigly 🎆! We have planned a lot of activities throughout this entire year for everyone to attend. Think of activities like a symposium, a lovely date diner, a sport event and of course a grand gala 💃! Next to all the activities, the Generacie has also made a little game for you to play during this Lustrum year 🎲. At the amino room you can pickup stamp cards for free, which you can take with you to Lustrum activities to get stamped. With these stamps you can win all kinds of amazing prizes 🎁! So make sure you keep a good eye on the Amino broadcast so you know when and where you have to be to celebrate our Lustrum year 📅!
We can’t wait to see you all at the activities 🥳!

Greetings from the GeneraCie ❤️