Members input and GMM’s

As a member of Amino, you can give your opinion in various ways, and ensure the change that you would like to see within the association. Not only are you always welcome to present your wildest initiatives to the board, but also all the feedback provided through the half-yearly survey and during the General Members Meeting, is listened to by the board.

At a General Meeting of Members (GMM) members have a say in what is going on in the association. For example, during these meetings management policy plans are evaluated and new plans for the association are presented. There are three GMM’s each year;

  • The exchange GMM (eGMM) whereby the board changes to a new board;
  • The half-yearly GMM (hGMM) where the board will present its half-yearly evaluation and settlement;
  • The proposal GMM (pGMM) where the new candidate board is presented.

The GMM is the time to make your voice heard and to ask questions about Amino to the board. In addition, members can always suggest things that can be discussed during a GMM. So be sure to come to the upcoming General Meeting of Members, on Tuesday 25 of February and make your voice heard! There is a possibility to eat with us, register quickly via the link.