The VIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino

Left to right: Linde Lanting,  Andressa Pelster José, Max van Baalen, Auke Heerdink, Lucas Siero & Maira Kim

We are finally here! At the 28th of September the Vth board was officially exchanged with the VIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino, under the following motto:

Sicut Nemo Umquam Fuit

Meaning “Like no one ever was”.

We are really happy to continue the hard work that all previous boards have done and we will try our best to become even better! Bellow is an overview of the functions of each member of board VI:

ChairAuke Heerdink
SecretaryAndressa Pelster José
TreasurerLucas Siero
Vice-chair &
commissioner of educational affairs
Linde Lanting
Vice-secretary &
commissioner of internal affairs
Maira Kim
Vice-treasurer &
commissioner of external affairs
Max van Baalen

We hope to see you soon at an activity or at the Amino Room :)! Don’t forget to sometimes check the Amino website for our newest updates. Lots of love, the VIth board 🧡.