The Vth board of U.L.S.V. Amino

Left to right: Ricfrid van der Marel, Puck Engelbarts, Henrik van Hoef, Erik van de Pol, Ruben Linssen, en Yvonne de Vocht

It’s finally time! Last wednesday we officially exchanged with the IVth, and can now proudly call ourselves the Vth board of U.L.S.V. Amino! The IVth board made last year a fantastic one and really raised the bar for us. We are excited to get started with our work and try to make the upcoming year even better!

These are all the positions that will be filled by the people of the Vth board:

ChairmanErik van de Pol
SecretaryHenrik van Hoef
TreasurerRuben Linssen
Vice-chairman &
commissioner of educational affairs
Puck Engelbarts
Vice-secretary &
commissioner of internal affairs
Yvonne de Vocht
Vice-treasurer &
commissioner of external affairs
Ricfrid van der Marel

We are so happy to open up the association room! Make sure you regularly check the Amino website for our newest updates. We hope to see you soon! Love, the Vth board💜