VIth Candidate Board of U.L.S.V. Amino

Hello!! Finally, the time has come that we can say this out loud: we are the VIth candidate board of Amino! We’re all very excited for the coming year and hope to see you soon at the association room, an activity or just somewhere around campus 🙂 Let’s make it an amazing year together!

The VIth candidate board

Ps. these will be our functions:
• Candidate chair: Luuk Albers
• Candidate secretary: Jildau de Haan
• Candidate treasurer: Maureen Wind
• Candidate vice-chair and commissioner of educational affairs: Carlijn Rots
• Candidate vice-secretary and commissioner of internal affairs: Mette van den Brink
• Candidate vice-treasurer and commissioner of external affairs: Litske van Leeuwen