GaLa Land

On the 24th of February, we had our first ever lustrum gala. The theme of the gala was ‘GaLa Land’ to stay in theme with our Lustrum, ‘A Year at the Oscars’. The gala took place at the beautiful Castle Aldendriel. The evening start of a little bumpy when the bus picked us up a little later than planned, but as soon as we arrived the the wonderful night started. We were greeted with a welcoming drink right before a lovely three course dinner. During the dinner, there were speeches from the chair of the Lustrum committee ‘GeneraCie’, the chair of the current board, and the commissioner of internal affairs of the Ist board. After the dinner, the party started. We would like the GeneraCie for such a successful evening and let’s hope it will be such a great hit again for the next lustrum!

Semi-Annual General Assembly of Members!

Last week, at the 8th of February, we had our sGAM at the Pangea in KBG. During the sGAM, we discussed very important matters of the association, all while enjoying some bingo, drinking some beverages, and telling Maira and Max that they needed to keep their safety helm on all the time! To end the evening, we had some nice questions and motions from the assembly, as a motion passed for Amino to buy a (in dutch) ‘Flip de beer’ for committees and taskforce members, and Auke had to answer why he looked like a bus driver. After all of our hard work, we went to a borrel at the Cambridge bar with the drinks on us! For those who attended, we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did, and for those who may have gotten FOMG (fear of missing GAMs) after reading this message, don’t worry, you can come to the iGAM in May!

Purple Friday

On December 9th Amino celebrated Purple friday! The IncluCie, together with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee from the Utrecht University organised a bake sale in the ground floor of KBG. This was a great success, as we were able to raise €216,17 to donate to the charity institution COC Nederland. Furthermore, nice pictures were made and our instagram stories was booming!