Resignation form

When filling in the form below, you will be resigned as member of the Utrechtse Life Sciences Vereniging Amino (U.L.S.V. Amino).

The new association year starts on the 1st of september, so resigning can only be done previous to this date, or you will still be obligated to pay the contribution of the current association year. When resigning during an association year where you have already paid for membership, you will still be considered a full member untill the start of the new association year.

To be a patron means that you keep supporting Amino with a yearly contribution of 10,- euros. In return you will receive a special newsletter, the annual report and you will still be welcome at certain activities. Above all, you will be great support for the association and her members! Ofcourse, you can resign at any time, with the same conditions as established for normal membership resignation.
Donorship means that you support Amino with a one time contribution to the association of an amount of your choice (the minimal amount is 10 euros). In return, you will receive the annual report. But most importantly, you will be a great support for the association and her members!