With Sponsorkliks you can help U.L.S.V. Amino extra money without having to spend any extra cent! How does this work? Every time you buy something from a partner website via Sponsorkliks, Amino will receive a small percentage of the purchase as commission. And don’t worry as this won’t cost you anything extra, you will be paying the same amount for the product if you buy it via Sponsorkliks or not. You can make your purchase from any store shown in the Sponsorkliks page of U.L.S.V. Amino, so if you wish to help us click here!

But, if you are like Jildau, the VIIth Secretary of U.L.S.V. Amino, and keep forgetting to go to this page when you are shopping online instead of learning for the upcoming test (because we all know online shopping is the best way to procrastinate), download the Sponsorkliks browser extension. This way you don’t have to remind yourself of Sponsorkliks, the extension does it for you! Go to this page and add the extension to your preferred browser. 

You remain anonymous!

Neither Sponsorkliks nor Amino know who has ordered something, because you do not have to log in. Sponsorkliks only knows from which webshop something has been ordered and what the commission is for Amino. We have no way of tracing any purchase back to you.