The Amino Room

Amino is very proud of our association room aka the Amino room! Here, we offer free coffee and tea and you can buy various snacks like waffles or noodles. Many students come here to relax during their breaks or hours inbetween lectures. See you there!

PS. You can recognize the board by their sky-blue shirts/hoodies!

How to get there?

You can find the Amino Room in the Caroline Bleekerbuilding or Caroline Bleekergebouw. This building can be entered through the Buys Ballotbuilding (BBG), which you can enter through Koningsbergerbuilding (KBG) or Minnaert (the red line on the map). Or you can enter Caroline Bleekerbuilding directly via the blue line, climb the stairs and then find the Amino room on the first floor.

The Amino Room: vibe check