The VIth Candidate Board

Candidate chair
Luuk Albers

Heyhoi, my name is Luuk Albers and I am currently 20 years old and in my 3rd year of MLS. At the moment I am the candidate-chair opting to be the chair of the VIIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino. When I have time to spare you can find me playing football, pool (reigning champion of the Poolco 🙂 ) or some other active event. Over two years ago I moved from my hometown, Heemstede (just beneath Haarlem), to Utrecht, the most beautiful city in the country. Sadly I had to leave my dog behind, but I still visit her and the rest of my family quite often. Since moving I’ve made a lot of friends and can’t wait to meet lots more!! A little no-use information about me is that I am always jamming to Grenade by Bruno Mars and that I have a fear of the vacuum from The Teletubbies. All I can say for now is that the candidate board and I are looking forward to next year with great pleasure, excitement and joy!!

Candidate secretary
Jildau de Haan

Hey everyone! My name is Jildau de Haan, 20 years old, and I am the candidate-secretary of our association U.L.S.V. Amino. My hometown is located in the south of Drenthe, called Nijeveen, which you probably have never heard of since it is a very small village (I don’t blame you). Some fun facts about me are that I love to play korfball, I can speak the Frisian language, and I am incredibly competitive. I also spend a lot of time being active within Amino, and you may recognize me as chair of this year’s Lustrum committee: the Generacie. I can’t wait to start next year as the seventh board with my fellow members, and show you how amazing our association is. See you at the Amino room!

Candidate treasurer
Maureen Wind

Hii everyone, my name is Maureen, 19 years old, and I am going to be the treasurer of the VIIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino. I currently have my own place in Utrecht, but I am originally from Kampen, which obviously is the place to be. In my free time I like to eat, play sports, hang out with friends and go to fun activities from Amino. I am very excited to start my board year next year with the others and hope to see you then!

Candidate vice chair and commissioner of educational affairs
Carlijn Rots

Hi! I am Carlijn, 20 years old and the next commissioner of educational affairs and vice-chair of Amino. I am from Bladel, a small village in Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, really close to the Belgian border (which is apparently very obvious for Dutchies talking to me;)). I spend my weekends there, usually working or enjoying the countryside, but during the week itself I live at the IBB. Seeing me in class next year will be likely for many of you, as I will be following courses from multiple years, although I am in my third year of MBLS. Together with my candidate board I am really looking forward to next year with excitement all around!

Candidate vice secretary and commissioner internal affairs
Mette van den Brink

Hey!! My name is Mette and I’m going to be commissioner of internal affairs and vice-secretary for the VIIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino. I am 18 years old, and currently in my first year of MBLS. I live in the beautiful Hoograven, but I am originally from Almelo. I have played korfball since I was four, and this is how most of my Saturdays are spent. Besides korfball I like to spend my time on reading, playing guitar (this means when I make time for it, which is almost never), and enjoying a good time with family and friends. I can’t wait for the coming year and everything that is to come!!

Candidate vice treasurer and commissioner external affairs
Litske van Leeuwen

Hey hey! I’m Litske, 21 years old and I’m going to be the commissioner of external affairs and vice-treasurer for the VIIth board of U.L.S.V. Amino! I’m originally from Delft, but I’ve been living in Utrecht for about two years now (with an exchange to Copenhagen in between). In my free time I like to go rowing, see friends, play a game or read a book. Besides, I love to go into nature for a good old lawa (long walk). Sadly, I’m very very bad at pool, but I guess that means more room for improvement right? 😉 I’m excited to see what the coming year will bring!