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Private Tutor with Superprof

Superprof – Earn some extra as a private tutor while you’re busy with your studies
It is no surprise to anyone that student life brings financial challenges. Many students choose to take a part-time side job alongside their studies, often as a hospitality worker, store assistant, delivery driver or something else along those lines. It’s nice to earn some extra cash, but many part-time jobs are not nearly as practical, especially when we talk about the schedules involved.

It is no surprise to anyone that student life brings financial challenges. Many students choose to take a part-time side job alongside their studies, often as a hospitality worker, store assistant, delivery driver or something else along those lines. It’s nice to earn some extra cash, but many part-time jobs are not nearly as practical, especially when we talk about the schedules involved.

Perhaps you are already quite far along in your studies and are willing to share your knowledge gained with others. The good news is that there are many who are eager to learn about subjects and topics in which you have knowledge and experience, whether it is knowledge related to your education or some other field that you are knowledgeable about.If you feel motivated by this idea, then Superprof is undoubtedly the ideal place for you. Teach others all about your expertise as a private tutor. Sign up to Superprof and give private lessons!

An educational platform that connects private tutors with students
Superprof is an educational platform that connects private teachers with students in every possible subject area. People who want to play the piano can turn into dedicated pianists. Those who want to travel to Latin America can get private Spanish lessons from an expert in this language. Above all, we connect civil engineers, physicists and math experts with students of all ages who want to sharpen their skills. Superprof is a great place for students looking for a side job and eager to share their knowledge with people who need it. Superprof attracts people from all backgrounds, ages and categories. This can include people who want to get better at sports, dancing, playing instruments, as well as college students who need tutoring and homework help for certain school subjects.

Sign up and give private lessons!
If you feel that you would like to earn some extra income as a private tutor, you can create a free and easy profile on Superprof’s platform. Then you will soon get in touch with interested students who are looking for private tutoring in your subject area. See who is interested and who you would like to teach. Plan together at what location and times the private lessons should take place. Some people like to take one lesson a week, others several days a week. Of course, this depends on your personal schedule. As a private tutor, you manage your own free time and can decide when you will and will not work. The times you tutor, do not conflict with your study hours, which is often the case with other part-time jobs. You control the amount of hours you work, the schedule you work on and how many students you teach. There is no better way to efficiently combine your work with your studies and ultimately worry less about your personal finances.

Your knowledge is of great value to other students

When working as a private tutor, you are of great value to your student in his or her development. It also gives a positive feeling to share your knowledge and experience with students who are interested in this. Sign up soon or first look at our Superprof platform and we will enthusiastically connect you with apprentices in your area. You can teach one-on-one lessons with us, or online if you are open to it.

Help students learn a sport, language, instrument, dance, math, biology, Dutch or other subjects. Teach the theory of your expertise, or just the practice, or both to your students. At Superprof, we can always use new experts in any field. Start as a private tutor at Superprof today!

Interested? Send an email to:

Working with Seed Valley

What Silicon Valley means for IT and software is what Seed Valley means for the development of plant varieties and seed technology. You’ll find the most innovative green fingers in the Netherlands.

More than 3,500 employees work in Seed Valley. Our employees work at all educational levels and from a variety of fields: from research & distribution to sales, and from HR to production.

Every year, around 300 new vacancies become available at our companies. Check out our vacancies pages to see what’s currently available.

See you in Seed Valley!

Scientific Consultant Image Processing and Microscopy at SVI

Our company is looking for a scientific consultant in image processing and microscopy, who will help us work with and support life scientists at research institutes across the globe. Do you have experience in image processing and/or microscopy, are interested in consultative selling to a wide range of life sciences specialists and are a strong communicator and team player, you may be the person we’re looking for!

SVI is an innovative company that offers the Huygens microscopy imaging software for high quality deconvolution and image restoration, combined with 2D-5D visualisation and analysis. We closely work with universities and leading organisations in the field. The position is office-based in our headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands (commuting distance from Amsterdam and Utrecht) and offers the opportunity for occasional traveling to conferences and meetings

In this role, you will become an internationally recognized imaging specialist, who helps scientists get the most out of their microscopy data and guide them through the software purchasing process. You’ll get the opportunity to work in our highly motivated, competent and experienced interdisciplinary team consisting of senior scientists and business innovators,, and make a real difference for our customers. You’ll be working with cutting-edge technologies and facing the exclusive challenge of making it accessible to a wide audience.

The offer:

  • High growth potential facilitated training on the job by our imaging specialists
  • Develop yourself to become an internationally recognized imaging specialist
  • Working with innovative imaging software and scientists across the globe
  • Full time position with partially a competitive commission-based salary
  • Dynamic and informal work environment
  • Occasional international traveling to conferences & meetings

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide technical training and support to imaging software clients and prospects via web conferencing, email and phone.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with customers to maintain long-term customer intimacy and revenue flow.
  • Develop new business, quote and drive leads using consultative selling
  • Follow up on inbound leads from multiple channels: email, telephone, website, online articles, events and social media
  • Gain and maintain comprehensive knowledge of the SVI Huygens Imaging Software

Your profile

  • Background in life sciences and microscopy at University or PhD level
  • Interest in high-tech life sciences , microscopy and software
  • Interest and/or affinity for communication, sales, support and management
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Team-oriented person
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English, Dutch is a bonus
  • Living in the Netherlands


Send your application to indicating on the subject which position you are applying for and we’ll be glad to tell you more. You can also find out more here.

Teaching assistant

Dear M(B)LS, MCLS or other Biosciences Master’s students,
The international and English-taught bachelor’s programme Molecular & Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS) needs enthusiastic students who like to supervise other students with their tutorials and/or practicals. We therefore recruit teaching assistants (TAs) for various first- and second-year courses.

We offer:
The opportunity to co-organize and teach a course with experienced teachers to make the course a success.
An educational experience that looks great on your CV.
A good salary (Usually 20-60 hours per course, depending on the needs of the course coordinator)

We look for highly motivated bachelor or master students who are:
– Following a programme that is in line with what we teach in MBLS
– Dedicated to their teaching tasks and can contribute to an enjoyable learning-environment
– 100% available according to the needs of the course coordinator (you cannot follow a course in the same timeslot yourself!)
If you are interested please complete this  TA recruitment form. 

Please note:
Expressing your interest by submitting the TA recruitment form does not guarantee a TA position. Final selection of assistants is up to the course coordinators, and they will contact you.
Please remember, MBLS is an English-taught bachelor, so ALL the communication should be in English, even when you’re having a coffee break with the students 😉
If you already applied to become a TA through the previous mailing from the Biology Department, please also register through our link. We will compare both lists.
If you have any questions, please mail us via

With best wishes,
Eric Huizinga (educational director)
Bertrand Kleizen (educational manager)
Alice Arwert (educational assistant)


Candidate University Council

Utrecht University is looking for motivated, ambitious students who would like to join in the discussions on university wide issues and participate in the strategy development process of the university. The Central Electoral Office and the Executive Board would like to ask you to point your members’ attention towards the position of student-member of the University Council. After all, the students on this council represent the members of your student association at the university level.

The students of the University Council have the opportunity to protect the students’ interests and provide the Executive Board with solicited and unsolicited advice (alone or together with the staff section). For some important decisions, the University Council even has a right of assent. For students, this is a paid administrative position for a year. Students will be a member of the student section of the University Council and work as a Council member for four days a week. See the link for more information.


Utrecht University Council

Job Board Career Services

Career services regularly receives vacancies from companies and organisations in the UU-network. If these are relevant for a large group of students they will be placed on their vacancy board. The UU also looks for students throughout the year for diverse activities. Career services also publishes these on the vacancy board. These activities could be: Assistant at certain events like carreerday, web editor for the website and social media for Career Services or The University fund.


Gross hourly pay of € 9,50


Name: Marjolein Gelauff


Job board