Teaching Assistant

Dear M(B)LS, MCLS or other Biosciences Master’s students,
The international and English-taught bachelor’s programme Molecular & Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS) needs enthusiastic students who like to supervise other students with their tutorials and/or practicals. We therefore recruit teaching assistants (TAs) for various first- and second-year courses.

We offer:
The opportunity to co-organize and teach a course with experienced teachers to make the course a success.
An educational experience that looks great on your CV.
A good salary (Usually 20-60 hours per course, depending on the needs of the course coordinator)

We look for highly motivated bachelor or master students who are:
– Following a programme that is in line with what we teach in MBLS
– Dedicated to their teaching tasks and can contribute to an enjoyable learning-environment
– 100% available according to the needs of the course coordinator (you cannot follow a course in the same timeslot yourself!)
If you are interested please complete this  TA recruitment form. 

Please note:
Expressing your interest by submitting the TA recruitment form does not guarantee a TA position. Final selection of assistants is up to the course coordinators, and they will contact you.
Please remember, MBLS is an English-taught bachelor, so ALL the communication should be in English, even when you’re having a coffee break with the students 😉
If you already applied to become a TA through the previous mailing from the Biology Department, please also register through our link. We will compare both lists.
If you have any questions, please mail us via bachelor.mbls@uu.nl

With best wishes,
Eric Huizinga (educational director)
Bertrand Kleizen (educational manager)
Alice Arwert (educational assistant)